Review: Wake Up Now vs World Ventures: Facts & Comparison 2014


Just received a rather spammy message on FaceBook with regards to WUN (Wake Up Now), and that I really should have a look at it!

Myeah ... whatever. But hey ... I know a top leader in TeamTissa who also does WUN, let's have a look at the video and ask him about it instead Yeah folks ... that's how relationship marketing works!

Wake Up Now Quick Overview

So this is the video that sparked my interest after a few minutes:

Aha! A travelclub company! Maybe you remember I've been with in the past (this video was recorded during a WV DreamTrip in Cyprus). And my World Ventures 2013 Review ranks number 1 in Google. I'm saying this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I know a thing or two about clubs. The reason I left World Ventures and rejoined (two times) was cause I was convinced I could make it work the 2nd & 3rd time. The reality for WorldVentures;

Even with all the latest enhancements to the compensation plan and credits. The value is tremendous (no doubt about that), the culture is amazing, but it's a VIP club. Commoners will drop out.

Unbiased Compensation Plan
Comparison of WV vs. WUN

So ... for Wake Up Now to be any good, the compensation plan has to be (more) rock solid. That's when I found this interesting YT video:

So Wake Up Now seems the clear winner compensation plan wise!

... and then I found something shocking ...

Founding Member of WorldVentures
left in favour of Wake Up Now!

What?! Who?! OMG! I know of a fewleaders who left, rejoined and left again, but Ed Terranova had a team of 20,000+ members in WV as a founding member, and you don't say goodbye (or get kicked out?) of a company when you have a huge circle of influence.  Anyway I know Ed personally. Never met him, but conversed a few times with him by e-mail and chat a few years ago. And all I can say is? WOW! That must have been a tough decision. Ed explain himself:

Wake Up Now has no Product Value?

There's a guy online called Ethan van der Built, who broke down WUN as a "Product Pyramid Scheme". LOL that's a contradiction!


source (in case you're remotely interested in his other allegations)

Never the less, he seems to have proved that there's product value (which doesn't include training).


Yes this company offers the most bang for the buck for any kind of traveler, especially Digital Nomads! Are you? Do the test! But ... strictly speaking? WorldVentures still is the only REAL travel club, as their in-house booking engine Rovia really is 1 of a kind. Moi? I'm still undecided. Still have to compare a few other clubs..



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